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Mr Puggsly said:
Machiavellian said:

No I do not think all illegals are equal, I am saying the system in place today uses illegal immigrants who cross the southern boarder as cheap labor.  That this practice has been going on for decades.  The current system vilify this group while also taking advantage of their service because its nice politics.  Its always and will be nice politics because Americans need something to hate or blame.  The crazy part is that the stats show that the majority of illegal immigrants are not even the ones coming over the southern boarder but the ones flying, driving or on a boat and out stay their visa.  The thing is, the ones coming from those sh*thold countries make better politics.

Yes, I have google but then again since I did not see any rise in crime, as I checked government and state stats, it was a waste of my time to argue with you on it.  The only thing that has gone up is undocumented children left at the boarder but then again this is nothing new and is a trend as shone by the document I posted.  

You're just using talking points, lots nonsense. Ultimately, most people agree the current border situation is a mess and not beneficial for the country.

Right, there has been no increase in crime recently on the border. Everything is the same. You keep believing that.

Yes, the boarder situation which has gone up and down based on the document that I posted shows that this is a tread that has been happening for decades no matter the President.  Basically you just did what pretty much most of the same people you talk about do, they dismiss concrete information for opinion.  You care more about the look then the facts and it allow you to get on the old bandwagon.  You seem to wrap 2 separate issues into one.  The first issue is children left at the boarder and actual illegal entry. These 2 situations are not the same but they are wrapped in the same holy war because its convenient.

Where are your stats or document to show the increase in crime or is that to hard for you to muster.  I mean since you are so convinced I am sure you have the stats to prove it or is this just another opinion formed in your mind but with little in the way of documented facts to prove.  That is the state where we seem to be at where opinion is the guiding force which is easily manipulated.  Kept in fear, manipulated in believing lies, misinformation and propaganda.

The fact is that we are so intent on trying to stop people from coming here using something as inefficient as a wall instead of doing something more productive inside and outside of the US.  We already have a nice undocumented population who actually work.  Lets get them IDs so they can put their money into the system.  Lets provide work permits for people who want to work but do not want to stay.  Employers can list their needs and people who are already working those jobs can get IDs and contribute.  We really need to stop wasting a 3rd of our GDP on our military when that money could solve so much within the US.  Universal Healthcare alone would be the benefit.  In order to get actual real healthcare by having a job should not be the standard.  Republicans love to nix any Universal Healthcare and make it condition on a job but lose your Job for any length of time and find out just how beat-up that system is.  Find out real quick just how expensive it is for insurance if there was no ACA back in the day when Cobra was the only thing you could get.  Go through the process of trying to get medicaid when the only person you can get insured is your child.  Nothing hits home more than a pandemic and people find out the real cost of GOP policy, when you are out of work hoping for any assistance so you do not lose your house, car, or health.