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Well, Scarlet Nexus is amazing. I’m an avid player for JRPG’s and have been for several years—and I haven’t been this satisfied with a JRPG since Fire Emblem TH. The story is definitely the highlight, it’s extremely intricate and the way it goes about being different with the “brains” and stuff is super cool. The characters are definitely cliche and that’s to be expected from any JRPG. That was one of the weaker points for me—however, the OST was absolutely top notch as well as the final boss. Wow. That was amazing.

The combat got a little stale near the end just because of the repetition, but it is such a good system. With a few more tweaks to evading attacks it would be perfect for me. 

honestly I’ve seen a lot of people sleeping on this game. Don’t. It’s super good. Highly recommend it. 

I played on my Series X. 89/100. 

Last edited by Paatar - on 06 July 2021

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