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ireadtabloids said:

It’s difficult to say what you meant to say, but I get you.
There’s still plenty of “Rest of world” regions where PlayStation is the indisputable leader.
Lots of smaller markets like New Zealand that love PlayStations that adds up to a big lead for Sony in those “Rest of World” countries.

I think you are talking to Curl-6's comment but I'm not 100% sure, but if this is in relation to the Switch's capabilities in winning the Rest of World region, it is plausible (and has a decent shot at occurring). PS4 sales have kind of halted, and the Switch sales are up a fair amount year over year (see paoerfulone's chart). Its fairly reasonable to say that the Switch will sell a couple more million this year to reach around 15 million in the rest of world.

The Switch would only have to sell around 5.5 million rest of life to beat the PS4's end total. (Note PS4 has to move 490K units in order for it to be this high, could be as low as 5.1 million)

The PS2's total is a different thing entirely though, and I don't know if any current console has the capabilities to topple it, though currently I would say switch is in the best position, though highly unlikely.

For small reference about everything said

Switch RoW total as of 6/19/21:       11.75 Million

Switch RoW sales in 2020:                5.144 Million

Switch RoW sales in 2020 (6/13/20): 1.748 Million

Switch Row sales in 2021 (6/12/21) : 1.934 Million

Assuming even a down year over year from here on out that would get the switch to 14.75 (Switch would have to be down about 12% through the rest of the year if I can do math)

At which point it would need 5.5-5.75 million (harder task as it starts from a lower number)

PS4 RoW Numbers: 20.01 Million

Last edited by badskywalker - on 05 July 2021