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JuliusHackebeil said:

But could I ask about your statement about GP not being more attractive to more people? I don't get it. I mean, if that statement was true, there would not even be a need for some (drastic) change and a pitch for what sort of change and subsequently this thread :) But I just goodled it and it says that GP has 23 million subscribers and PSNow 3 million.

I should have been clearer, I was referring to PS Plus numbers (47m+), which is think is just as relevant of a comparison if not more since it focuses more on newer modern games compared to Now's legacy stuff. Maybe the comparison is made because of streaming element, but I don't really hear people talking about using that with GP, it's just the "free" games and at that level Plus should be in consideration IMHO, certainly it's numbers shouldn't be discounted entirely. (not to mention when good games come out on Now, the comments here typically include somebody complaining about streaming and then somebody telling them it can be downloaded locally too... streaming just doesn't seem that desired by people ready and able to play on console/gaming platform that can run said games)

I do think the Now/Plus distinction is confusing and unclear (as I commented in current article on Now release of Nioh2/RDR2), and fixing that just by making the offering clearer, e.g. with all newer modern content on one service, possibly splitting out streaming from content as such, and if they are getting paid for latter the streaming could be free regardless if subscribed to classic or modern game services. I could see different sets of indy content being included to enrich both classic/modern offerings, or available to subscribe to entire indy offering as standalone. And of course, it could be incrementally improved with basic "wants" like more, newer games and that sort of thing. I guess I'm much more resistant against Day 1 impulse urges, if only because that means it hasn't yet gotten the patches it needs. You're better off waiting to play the fixed version, and also get a better deal, whether via subscription or discount purchase (and if you can get used to that, the "deal" of subscription also doesn't seem as amazing, never mind considering the option to resell used game discs, which GP fans somehow never mention when doing their comparisons which they expect you to worship).

Anyways, I think Sony is still one of most profitable companies in AAA gaming, and MS is  not challenging that, and while I see their offering evolving I don't see them sacrificing profitability since that is what holds up their company as a whole and being a mature business there isn't much case for abandoning profitability. I do see their relation with Epic potentially evolving, which could potentially be relevant for subscription business  in PC space.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 04 July 2021