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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

You don't prevent immigration just by watching the borders per se. Actually throwing people out when found in the country is also worth considering. But even violent criminals manage to avoid being thrown out. There are countless examples of illegals being arrested over and over again until they do something truly heinous.

Universal healthcare doesn't exist now. We need to create it for illegals? Is that in the budget? I see trillions of spending and still no universal healthcare.

Again, "big wall" isn't the only aspect of controlling illegal immigration. Enforcing many existing laws could also help. The democrat solution also seems to require spending a lot of money and I'm not sure how it benefits the country as we see it now.

This was part of our policy here.

People are less likely to "make the trip" if they are only going to be turned around on arrival.

People smugglers earn thousands by smuggling people in, that business model tends to collapse when their customers get turned around and sent back home.

And smuggling people, is a business. A very lucrative one.

-Universal healthcare shouldn't discriminate, doesn't matter if you are tourist, traveling from overseas, illegal immigrant, you should be able to walk into any health clinic and seek the assistance you require, no questions or bullshit. - It needs to be quick, effective and efficient... And ultimately (the dream idea), world wide.

Yes those people will add costs to the system... However if the system is working appropriately, the total cost of healthcare for the *entire* nation should be lower anyway.
Healthcare should be a fundamental human right so people have the opportunity to succeed in life, not become a financial issue.

"However if the system is working appropriately." That's the thing, republicans and libertarians often exist because our government's inability to make things work appropriately. Just a general lack of trust of the people in power, meanwhile democrats are the most hungry for power and often oppose states right unless its to protect their agendas.

A question I like throwing at people regardless what party they support is, "what does our government do well?" If people do have some answers, I also follow up with, "what does our government do well and efficiently (costs)?" They are generally stumped at that point because they know our government fails at just about everything major.

I don't support democrats period. But I am actually glad they have power just so we can see in practice what a fucking joke they are. Its almost like we are living in a parody and people deserve the suffering its causing. It has also shown their priorities are not the same as many of their supporters.

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