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sundin13 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

You don't prevent immigration just by watching the borders per se. Actually throwing people out when found in the country is also worth considering. But even violent criminals manage to avoid being thrown out. There are countless examples of illegals being arrested over and over again until they do something truly heinous.

Universal healthcare doesn't exist now. We need to create it for illegals? Is that in the budget? I see trillions of spending and still no universal healthcare.

Again, "big wall" isn't the only aspect of controlling illegal immigration. Enforcing many existing laws could also help. The democrat solution also seems to require spending a lot of money and I'm not sure how it benefits the country as we see it now.

The primary Immigration strategy under Obama was the ejection of criminal undocumented immigrants through the formal removal process (as opposed to the non-compulsory Return process which often results in people being "arrested over and over again until they do something truly heinous"). Under Bush, 2 million people were formally removed from the country, while under Obama, that number increased to 3 million. Of that 3 million, about 77% were considered "first priority removals", which largely encompasses national security threats and felons (despite illegal immigration being higher under Bush and spiking again under Trump). This means that Obama removed more high priority individuals than Bush removed total. Under Trump, for the three years with available data, all three fell below Obama's average. 

So again I ask you, what exactly are you complaining about? Democratic leadership has shown that they prioritize the removal of those who pose a danger to American citizens, and do it more successfully than Republican leadership.

As for Universal healthcare, we need to create it for everyone who is uninsured or underinsured or struggling to pay for adequate insurance. For reasons that should be pretty clear from a public health perspective, Americans are more safe when everybody is covered. If you want to address the danger of an uninsured population, the best way to go about it is by insuring them. If you are implying that you fail to see a benefit to Universal Health Care, you clearly aren't looking.

Obama was a moderate compared to what we have now. In fact, the only reason he's not a villain to many is because he's not white. The situation we have right now is a massive spike and an incentive to do so. Its almost like people are pretending no policies have changed.

I'd love for everybody to have access to great, "free" healthcare. Do I have much faith in government to make that happen? Not really. They don't even make healthcare more affordable even though that's a promise of every campaign.

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