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Welcome to the Next Level. To be this good takes AGES. To be this good it takes SEGA!

SEGA made the most creative ideas in IPs ever. Them and Nintendo made the best transition to 3D. Mario with Nintendo. Panzer Dragoon with SEGA. One of the best launch games of all time. Tho I guess I should credit Virtua Fighter first with SEGA Model 1 hardware. SEGA INVENTED 3D fighting games. Sega Model 3 Scud Race still looks insane! That game came out in 1996 and looks better than most PS2 racing games. SEGA was more willing to take risks with new IPs than anyone. Sadly SEGA of Japan didn't know how to manage money or consoles well. Should have listened to Tom. Tom set the stage for marketing to older gamers. Sony took that template and expanded on it ever since. I still miss them in the console space. Sure I love Yakuza. I love Atlus. SEGA of today is not the same company. Sonic was NEVER their more interesting IPs. They had so many. Then unique ones like Panzer Dragoon. Jet Set Radio. Comix Zone. Ranger X. Burning Rangers and so so so so many more. I will bleed 90s SEGA blue until I die.

Last edited by Leynos - on 03 July 2021

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