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Conina said:
mutantsushi said:

That makes Sony's subscribers look even more impressive because they aren't rationalized by console install base.
Not that MS' GP numbers relative to console base are particularly any better than Sony's. Although since MS
is selling GP to PC while Sony isn't currently (note the massive PC port push though), that suggests Sony
currently is leaving major sales market untouched, which can quickly be leveraged if/when PC offering is made.

^Thanks but I guess that points to the distinction of gaming ON a platform VS cloud gaming where it is only streamed TO what might even just be a TV these days. Of course I was more discussing Sony's PS+ which has hosted the games recently being ported, and which is closer comparison to GP in terms of newer and current-gen games which was the broader topic that section was cut out from... But in any case, I beleive the PSN local download option is console-only and not available on PC.

But I can't help but notice your selective quoting of me isn't even addressing the point of the passage it was drawn from, never mind the broader issues in my post. I don't really think that's an constructive way to communicate, if when "replying" and even quoting somebody's words, you ignore the vast part of their meaning.

I see the same approach in your "reply" to Signalstar just pasting in a spreadsheet. Of course, MS achieved it's "engagement" on back of freebie/discount give-aways. MS claims of longterm profitability are clearly based on nominal prices, not promotional freebies, but what does taking your reply at face value really imply? Sony has product that large numbers are willing to spend money for (47m+), while MS product must be given away and yet only achieves 18m in same time period. And we've been told that console sales/insall base no longer matter, so that shouldn't be an excuse, and GP is also on PC so MS has no excuse for lower subscribers.

So I come back to my first point, GP is not some special sauce threat that Sony must react to, they already have more profitable business and have no interest in reducing the profitability of their business since it's critical to their overall finances unlike MS situation where Xbox/GP is a hobby whose finances are an afterthought.

As to what Sony might do to improve, beyond the obvious incremental improvements in offering as we already see, I would say that ensuring they are present in all markets is important. That means a realistic offering for poorer markets, on the basis of not really losing any money but establishing or maintaining engagement with community, with growing national economies that can eventually be worth more directly. MS' Series S is good effort there, but Sony's digital PS5 is superior product that can pair well with economic subscription offering (as Series S promotes), with stronger product and fair service pricing they should be able to extend their global presence. And I think all console platforms should heavily market one of their unique advantages, the lesser amount of cheating compared to PC, that should be unique attraction in terms of online multiplayer content.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 02 July 2021