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HigHurtenflurst said:

You are assuming manufacturing capability is constant, which is unlikely (though I agree I think it's likely higher now than it was previous quarter)

However the main problem is you are assuming manufacturing & shipping are directly linked... a console made Jan 1st won't necessarily be on store shelves exactly 6 weeks later (or whatever the average shipping time is)

A fiscal report reports how many gadgets were made in the period it applies to. It is completely irrelevant if any other gadgets are still around or where the gadgets are heading in what way. The number given is 3.3 mio units. Any speculation of a production increase (or less likely decrease) is just that, a speculation. Although such a change would likely have been newsworthy and I haven't seen anything (except the 14.2mio units Sony wants to ship this fj so at some point they have to ramp up manufacturing).

How Sony is shipping at this time is another wide open field for speculation. I do not think it has been "business as usual" as in previous generations, as stock is sold out everywhere. I could imagine that some % of stock is flown in where stock has been too low for a too long period. The problem is if there is no stock for too long a time, people might get pissed first, then disinterested. That is something Sony/MS certainly would want to avoid.