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Kyuu said:
drkohler said:

Adjustments will be interesting..

Per June 30, Sony manufactured roughly 11.1M consoles (all of which were sold-in). If vgchartz keeps insisting on a weekly 200k sales, that would result in roughly 9.7M sold through by June 30. A gap of 1.4M or a full 7 "vgchartz weeks" in transit? Somehow I doubt it..

May I ask where you got the 11.1 million shipment figure from? This would extend PS5's lead over PS4 by 600k (2.7 million PS4's vs 3.3 million PS5's as of the end of their 3rd quarter).

Last fiscal year report Jan-Mar showed 4.5M to 7.8M units manufactured, 3.3M per that quarter. If we assume manufacturing has't decreased and not yet increased, we get another 3.3M units, so 11.1M by June 30.

I saw a stealth adjustment on the front page. it was 9.19M + 200k = 9.34M now, so a downward stealth edit of 50k. I'd guess somehow you are insisting on the wrong direction (unless the Sony fj report was "stacked" which I find unlikely). Can't wait to see the next quarterly report...