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snyps said:
Rab said:

Here is a video by the future "Government" explaining global warming, imagine you are this little girl in the video

Or you could just use Google  


I just seen folks advocate the solution is to give government more income and land, trusting that they always fix every crisis (right?). 

People usually say “trust scientists” without referencing scientific studies. I’ve heard using google is, like, being very anti science. 

Im all for solving the problem. I just don’t see a solution… if giving blank checks to the government was the ticket, I’d do it. 

When 98% or more of scientist in the field all agree on something, its rational to listen to them, and not doubt them.
Esp when the remaining 2% or so (that disagree), are payed by oil companies ect.

Global warming is real.
Its time to stop kidding yourself, and this "skepticism" towards science.

And can you not sidetrack this thread, with questions of "if its real"? ect, "which scientists to believe" ect.

From World-Meteorological-organization:
(a global collection of meteorologists, and their meassurements of global mean temp since 1850)

And yes, if you go back like 50 million+ years, it was hotter on earth than it is now, and there were no icecaps, and there was still life on earth.

The question is.... how does mandkind (as it is) do, if things keep going the way they are?

We will be worse off.

Climate change will effect area's suitable for farming (less of it)
Water sources (underground) used for argiculture, are running out places, rivers are drying out..... this will again reduce places we can farm.

The amount of places we can live, will also change.
Riseing sea levels, will put some places inhabitated right now under (sea) water.
Which will result in migration.

coastal protection, is another issue altogether... with riseing sea levels.
The smart plan ahead, and avoid forseen issues.
The comeing decade, will see a mass industry pop up around coastal protection imo.
The smarter (and wealthy) countries in risk zones, will start en mass doing big projects to protect themselves.

As for places with underground water running out, rivers drying out..
To bad, cant farm there anymore if its become unsustainable.
People will just have to adapt to riseing food prices and water prices.

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