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There is a serious challenge for people to see through in this. The challenge being “What will stop carbon emissions and deforestation?”

Is it increased taxes?
- Nice to believe since it’s the easy thing. Consider, the wealthy will not stop carbon emissions, but will gain monopoly status through being the only ones who can afford this “pollution privilege”.

Is it criminalizing excessive pollution?
- Can you through a CEO in jail for pollution… I don’t know. Would it be a deterrent or is it even possible (considering lobbyists).

Must we all stop long daily commutes?
- Obviously we all have to earn a living to survive as we inherited a huge beholding into society. We don’t cultivate our own food on our own land as nature intended.

Will anything stop deforestation?
- With the shade and oxygen of trees being rapidly replaced with tar and concrete, what can honestly be done.. it like taxes, is the price we pay for living in society.