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The US is absolutely not alone in this, all countries are now just beginning to see the challenge of climate change, this will get worse, and is almost at the point were it cant be stopped 

The US is one of the Worlds biggest contributors to World pollution, along with China, but every country regardless of size is also responsible   

Seeing the recent events of the Texas freezing, the NW massive heatwave, and Midwest devastating Drought drying up even the Colorado river, should send alarm bells off in even the most oblivious Government official  

Scientists say we are just short years away from run-away climate change, once past the tipping point no human intervention will address it, the best most World Governments say they can do is zero net carbon by 2050, long past the point were it will matter :/  

All we can do as individuals, is make sure we support/vote for Governments that take this issue very seriously and reject the rest

Last edited by Rab - on 29 June 2021