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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:

You know its even difficult to find statistics about what crime is committed by illegals or how many are incarcerated. This is done on purpose to keep people ignorant.

If people don't want secure borders or safety in general you begin to question what their movies actually are. Because rising crime and higher cost of living doesn't seem to be a concern. All things that affect the poor more.

Not really.
I work with police and border force often as I do fire and rescue, so I have a "little" inside knowledge.

Basically the statistics are formulated based around real-world incidents and reports... And is not statistically extrapolated in order to "assume" anything on a larger scale.
So those who succeed in illegal border crossing and drug smuggling will not be included in the statistics. Just can't.
Crossing the border and ending up caught by a different agency (Or maybe even a different branch of the same agency, depending how coherently the agencies work in the USA) may not be reflected in the statistics either.

There tends to be a paper trail for everything.

Plus as people we shouldn't be making up conspiracies either, that is something that the people seem to be doing more often these days thanks to big personalities like Trump.

I'm talking about information where numbers should exist. Number of people incarcerated that are illegals should be numbers we have. Just as an example, California is the only state in the US that doesn't release the number of abortions that occur (spoiler: they would be the highest). One of the states that would have the highest crime committed by illegals is also California, coincidentally they aren't sharing that information. The less we know the better, could encourage white supremacy.

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