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Mr Puggsly said:
Machiavellian said:

Let me ask you this question, how many undocumented workers do you know.  I can tell you I know plenty and if the US really wanted to find them and deport them its a whole lot easier than you think.  The thing is, the US doesn't want to find and get rid of them because the US is built on cheap labor.  Its the reason why the GOP fought to not give them a path to citizenship because if that was the case they would actually have to pay minimum wage, healthcare and other benefits they can ignore.

The thing is, getting actual Americans to do those unskilled jobs is like trying to part the sea without GOD.  Most of the employers I know who rely on those seasonal undocumented workers cannot get any American to work those jobs and if they do, they are so unreliable its not even worth it.

You are not goin going to ever see the GOP do any type of merit base immigration for that labor force based on market/economy needs because they need that labor force getting paid below minimum wage and without the extra cost required for an employee.  The reason I put this mostly on the GOP is because that very item was presented to congress and guess who shot it down.  SO do the left use undocumented labor, you bet they do because its not a left or right issue when it comes to using and abusing cheap labor.  But its the GOP who would love for it to just remain that way and instead put that nice fear into your heart.  At least the Left wanted to get them to actually start to pay taxes and contribute but the GOP as always like things to remain the way they are, its that what its called to be a conservative.

In the end you live in this world where you are played like a puppet.  You believe the garbage feed to you and the fear instilled into your bones based on political BS but in the actual real world, that unskilled labor force is what continue to make things easier for you to live your life.  

As someone living in Phoenix AZ, probably more than you think.

I don't disagree people want cheap labor. I just think its funny people bitching about businesses exploiting people also seem to fight for cheap labor.

The left argue people don't take low skill jobs due to the pay. Is more cheap labor flooding in going to encourage those jobs to pay more? I doubt it. But I think its going to help create a society more dependent on welfare.

You keep saying GOP as if GOP is the only problem. In regard to taxes, the left doesn't just want the rich to pay more taxes. Its all a lie, the cost of living has gone up on everybody because their policies. We can't support their welfare system just by taxing the rich.

You tell me I am just living in fear. Meanwhile due to the left's policies crime is skyrocketing, cost of living is way up, big businesses seem to be getting richer and more powerful even in blue states. Then you have virtually open borders which is causing a series of problems that even the left doesn't deny. At what point can we admit I am not just living in fear, but instead pointing out reality. I am not afraid, I enjoy seeing people getting the suffering they deserve.

I don't just say this on the internet by the way. When I see mayhem regularly happening in blue cities/states, I get comfort knowing they chose that.

lol, cheap labor has been flooding into the US longer than you have been on this earth.  You act as if this was something that happen only during Trump or Biden term but this been happening for decades.  This notion that you can get welfare when you are undocumented is the dumbest thing the conservatives have fostered.  I know for a fact, you cannot get any government services if you are undocumented.  That's another dumb as lie used to keep you in fear.

What you are missing is that the US thrives on cheap labor because the US citizens thrive on cheap goods and services.  The same people who complain about China, Mexico and India taking jobs are the same people who purchase goods and services made from those countries because they are cheaper.

I stated the GOP because when it was put to Congress to give them a path to citizenship, to allow them to get workers permit to cross the boarder and work within the US, it was the do nothing party which is the GOP that shot it down.  So you tell me why, did they shoot down such a plan.  You would be surprise that many actually do not want to stay in the US, they would be happy to just work and use that money to help their family.

Crime skyrocking, show me what was the policy that cause crime to skyrocket and cost of living to go up.  Big business getting richer but this is the left doing, hmmm can you also show me the policy that helped that happen.  Why not open the boarder, give people who want to work, work permits, you would be surprised that most actually do not want to stay in the US, they just want to work, make some money and send it back to their family get them to actually contribute to paying city, state and federal taxes or we can continue to just let things stay as they do.  This game has been played for so long.