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Hard to remember tbh. I will make an effort but I have a very blurry memory from the time I was 6-8 years old

JRPG - Can be either Chrono Cross or FF VII
2D Platforming - I'm tempted to say Super Mario World, but my guts are telling me it was Donkey Kong Country. But maybe I'm crazy and the answer is actually Sonic 2, it all comes down if I either played first SNES or Mega Drive
3D Platforming - Crash Bandicoot 2 that's I'm sure
FPS - Medal of Honor
TPS - Tomb Raider? I think it's more an action game though
Fighting - The King of Fighters 96 or some Street Fighter although I can't remember which one. Marvel vs Capcom is also a likely answer
Racing - Carts was Mario Kart 64, realistic racing games was Need for Speed
Action Side Scroller - Some Mega Man X, don't know which one exactly. Metal Slug 4 is also possible. Also Captain Commando
Action 3D - Resident Evil 2 I think
Simulation/Manegement - Sin City
Real time Strategy - Age of Empires
Sports - Tony Hawks pro 2
MMMORPG - Grand Chase, but I personally see it more like an action adventure online. My true choice is Lineage 2