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Jumpin said:
Mr Puggsly said:

No. I think excessive eating and poor choices throughout the day are much more destructive to the human body than fad diets.

The American health system doesn't really push anything. Especially after realizing the food pyramid was trash. At best they just recommend to avoid obviously shit food.

I personally tell fatties intermittent fasting is the answer. You can eat junk, shit like a champ and lose weight. But nobody listens to me.

Fasting in order to eat junk food, AKA, the Roy Orbison diet, is just another extremely unhealthy practice.

You’ll want to eat much more nutrient dense food when fasting, not just empty macros. You’re giving people advice that will be cause malnutrition. In Roy Orbison’s case, dietary health issues lead to an early death.

It almost seems like the US wants health issues in its population to create customers for the healthcare industry. If health is really something you want to improve, mitigation of health issues should be a major goal: add a nutrition course to avoid a country filled with sham diets doing more and more damage to unwitting peoples’ bodies.

You completely misunderstood. I am not saying fast and just eat junk food, that's stupid. If a perfect diet is just too difficult for you to do, but you're also fat or gain weight easily, then you should also fast. A completely healthy diet is obviously off the table for most people. At the very least, if you fast and eat junk food you can avoid being obese. Being obese and sedentary pretty much destroys your body, so moving away from that is always good.

I think a compromise that would benefit many people, especially if you're already fat. Get into fasting because your metabolism probably sucks already. Eat junk food within reason, it shouldn't be your entire diet. People are surprised I eat junk food for example, I eat junk I enjoy and I eat plenty of nutritious stuff as well. I think people are confused I manage to enjoy a fairly normal diet while avoiding being obese, the answer is fasting and I make an effort to exercise regularly but not intense either.

Calm down the US health care shit. The reality is the world is getting fatter, diabetes is rising everywhere, so treating it just as a US problem is naive and ignorant. People already know what they need to eat and just make excuses. People aren't complete morons, they're just unmotivated, undisciplined and frankly opt for the tastier options. I believe junk food can also be addictive, otherwise changing your habits would be easier.

My advice isn't to convince people to change all their habits. It will almost always fail miserably. Instead try fasting, add more exercise even if its just walking and light free weights. Eat some junk within reason, but obviously add more healthy stuff. You don't need to have a perfect diet to avoid obesity. If you think my advice is bad, you just aren't being realistic.

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