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coolbeans said:
Jaicee said:

"Bookworm" and "cinephile" sound like appropriated insults, whereas in contrast "hardcore gamer" sounds like one thinks more highly of themselves than of others. Maybe that's what gamers need: an insult to appropriate.

Oh really?  I honestly never thought of either as pejorative.  I like bookworm especially b/c there's an actual history behind insects (weren't actually worms) eating and boring through book pages.  "Cinephiles" is interchangeable with "film buff" too, so that's another option.

Maybe it's just how it sounds to my ears. Is "game buff" an option? I dunno, sounds a little weird and almost male-specific, doesn't it?

I mean really just calling ourselves gamers should be fine, I think. I think you'll find that in surveys on the subject, so-called casual gamers just don't identify with the term gamer at all. They just don't think of themselves that way, just like casual moviegoers probably don't go around calling themselves moviegoers or "casual athletes" who aren't professionals or league-joining dedicated hobbyists but maybe just play the occasional game of ball to be social or for the exercise don't really call ourselves athletes. "Casual gamer" is just a term we impose on other people who don't view themselves as gamers just because they play a game or two on occasion.

Last edited by Jaicee - on 27 June 2021