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Azzanation said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

1) The older characters actors wee pretty old. Killing them was the right thing to do, as they were also old in narrative context. Harrison Ford was specifically direct on his demand to only play Han Solo again if it was the last time. 

2) Both Han and Luke had nice ending arcs for me, I don't see exactly what make people mad about them, and I'm also a Star Wars fan. I'm just sad Leia was the only one who couldn't get a more satisfying end, as Carrie passed away before most of the movie was filmed 

3) I also think people get too invested on fictional arcs and characters and starts do get too stressed out with small things. People play new IPs and with new characters all the time, I don't get why the concern to play a different character in the same franchise. Like, I understand Lara Croft is the face of Tomb Rider since the beginning, but why exactly would be so hurtful to play another character? I just wonder 

1) No one is unset or disappointed that the characters were killed off. It was how they were killed off, very little effort was put into the characters to justify there deaths. Example: Solo would have been smarter than to walk up to his son who was trained as a Sith. I expected these characters to die, however i walked out very disappointed and a lack of respect to the lore.

2) Luke was seen as a coward in the entire trilogy and i thought the Hologram trick was the best part of the movie, however it was just a Jedi trick and he dies on a rock afterwards.. while Han walked right up to a fully armed Sith, enough said. Lara was unfortunate however her death wouldn't have been any better. The new movies did not do justice to these characters at all. 

3) The issue isn't about new characters being implemented, its how they are forced in. You even said it yourself, Tomb Raider is about Lara Croft, imagine the next Tomb Raider game starring a Black woman just for the sake of having a black woman in the game? Sure ill still play it but the question is why? Halo learnt this with Halo 5, when they tried to force their audience to like Locke and no one gave a shit about him. 

If these companies want to throw in new characters than they need to do it right, instead what we have been seeing is companies grabbing the old characters and throwing them in the bin with very little effort. You cant just throw Superman in the bin and replace him. 

1) I disagree. And unlike you I found Han's death an unexpected twist, as I was quite convinced he was going make Ben switch sides. It worked pretty well for me  because I left the theater really shocked. I'm on the side if I felt the emotions creators wanted me to feel, then they did a great job. That's why I like series and games that touch my feelings, in positive or negative ways

2) Disagree too, Luke last fight scene was fucking cool and badass, and his death was peaceful and warm, I liked his last dialogue with Leia too

3) I guess every new single addition in gaming is forced unless they are optional so you have a bad argument here. Your question about why changing the main character is also weird, why change anything? Sometimes creators wants to experiment a new story or concept, sometimes they want to please another audience, sometimes they are just sick tired of making the exact same shit over and over, there are many reasons to change. If anything I find more logical to change the main character in story driven games then keep the same characters over and over, rebooting their story and creating actual parallel dimensions.