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IcaroRibeiro said:
Dulfite said:

Americans stunned by Non-Americans taxes.

Source from 2018:

Practical tax rate: 18%
Average pre-tax salary: $64,154
Average post-tax salary: $52,344

Most of the countries on this list of 40 have considerably lower average salaries too, other than Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, and Denmark. Yeah our medical bills in USA can be ridiculously high (if you don't have a good or platinum level insurance plan, which many of us do), but the amount going into our bank account each week is a lot higher than the vast majority of first world nations.

This is a stereotypical upper middle class reasoning. Upper middle class and upper classes USA citizens have higher income than Europeans or East Asians, while the lower income classes struggle because the lack of public services and welfare

I said either good or platinum insurance, and working class Americans have at least good insurance plans by and large. People working fast food jobs? No, they don't, but according to a 2020 survey I just pulled up 72% of Americans identify as part of the middle class. So only 28% are rich or poor. So yeah, when I talk about data and there is a supermajority of people in a certain class of life, that is what I'm going to talk about. More than 3/4's of Americans are doing just fine, possibly more than 4/5's of Americans, and don't need more insurance help funded by ridiculously high taxes. The poor needing more aid? Sure, let's address that, but not at the expense of the middle class like it is right now with this invisible tax on the middle class disguised as inflation.