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Leynos said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Never heard of any of them. Which console used either?

Welcome to the 1990s

These were used in VR Cafes. Yes VR Cafes.

SEGA and Atari had some attempts in the 90s. "but VR now is better" yes and and a PS5 is more powerful than a Genesis, So?

Interesting, I was a late 90's baby, so never got into VR arcades before. I've played though some10-minutes shooting VR games on arcades, so I was aware of their existence. Some 8 to 9 years algo I played them again (this time closer to what modern gaming looks like), but it was  in a event about VR/XR. PSVR was my first touch in a home-based VR technology used for gaming 

In this case I will refrain the creativity and innovative side and call PSVR (as a piece of technology) only bold, quirky and distinct in current market space, but serves the same purpose. It provides a non standard experience compared to other gaming mediums when it comes to gameplay even for the most standard genres let's say platformers for instance. Even if the technology is old, innovation on software side persists