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Azzanation said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Sony has the PSVR, it's along with the Switch the most innovative thing in console gaming last decade, but Switch is just hardware while PSVR is both hardware and new software experiences.

However I think PSVR still far too expensive to be a mass market product, plus their games needs to be designed exclusively for it, making very hard to create AAA games for such niche market, that's why I can't see VR gaming gaining much traction. Innovation per se isn't exactly something to be celebrated if don't make it accessible, at least in entertainment industry

What about Kinect that MS released the last two gens? I find Kinect more innovating than VR interms of risk and tech. I dont see anyone patting MS on the back for those risks.

I really enjoy my VR Quest 2, games like Half Life Alyx blew me away. However VR, like Kinect are expensive accessories that have to be brought separately. The reason the Wii motion was ao successful was they were bundled with the console at launch, pushing devs to utilise it. MS tried bundling Kinect 2 and failed and Sony has yet to Bundle VR. They are the true risks taken.

I forgot Kinect was released in 2010, the bias of last generation made me forgot early in the 10's we had another Gen. Kinect was indeed great, it's unfortunate it never got many market space. I used kinetic technology in a academic project for a computer vision, and it worked nicely, but if my only use for the technology was a non gaming project... well we can see why it never attracted many devs. Kinect falls in the same problem as VR, it's a more niche market (by the time only Kinect users from 360 + early adopters of One)

If you design mechanics exclusively for those customers you would be alienating every other consumer, not a issue for first parties, but I doubt it's equally attractive for third parties

And I agree this is the exact problem with both Kinect and PSVR, while Wii succeed. But not even Nintendo is willing to create a console with a high focus on motion controls anymore, mass appeal trumps innovation every day in business and this time I can't really blame anybody, if you want something newer and exclusive you will need to pay the premium price