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Mr Puggsly said:

Cheap labor isn't inherently a benefit. Businesses gladly avoid paying more when the pool grows. Especially low skill labor. The left argues against low wages and helps create it.

Cheap labor isn't just a GOP thing. Even the woke opt for pay less if they can.

I prefer the term low skill versus unskilled. But again, the left argues for higher wages. If you increase the pool with more low skill labor then there is little reason to pay more. It becomes easier to find people. Also, a big reason citizens aren't taking jobs is because the unemployment benefits are great. Open borders and a welfare state are not compatible by the way.

Yes, I love cruelty. It gets me really hard. Millions of people are coming, they are not all in danger of being murdered. Some of our ghetto cities are more dangerous than some of the southern countries. Especially when you consider much of the murder in the US is concentrated in small areas.

Its not just drop kids off and they go to a relative. Some, potentially many are bringing the whole family. Kids even get lost in the system because its not really kept track of. Again, its millions of people coming in. You're incredibly naive about what is happening. Trying to spin it as an issue of skin color is incredibly stupid as well.

Many argue for merit based or letting people in by what the market/economy needs. I fail to see the benefit of letting in a ton of people who will clearly need welfare. Gee, I wonder why cost of living is rising so quickly while pay is stagnant. Welfare is the solution for everything.

I'll end on this. Murder, rape and other violent crime in this country is actually way up... especially in blue areas. I'd care more if I didn't think people in this country actually deserve to suffer for electing crazy people that just care about their party staying in power. People should suffer until they come to their senses and elect better leadership. Even more moderate democrats would be a good start.

Let me ask you this question, how many undocumented workers do you know.  I can tell you I know plenty and if the US really wanted to find them and deport them its a whole lot easier than you think.  The thing is, the US doesn't want to find and get rid of them because the US is built on cheap labor.  Its the reason why the GOP fought to not give them a path to citizenship because if that was the case they would actually have to pay minimum wage, healthcare and other benefits they can ignore.

The thing is, getting actual Americans to do those unskilled jobs is like trying to part the sea without GOD.  Most of the employers I know who rely on those seasonal undocumented workers cannot get any American to work those jobs and if they do, they are so unreliable its not even worth it.

You are not goin going to ever see the GOP do any type of merit base immigration for that labor force based on market/economy needs because they need that labor force getting paid below minimum wage and without the extra cost required for an employee.  The reason I put this mostly on the GOP is because that very item was presented to congress and guess who shot it down.  SO do the left use undocumented labor, you bet they do because its not a left or right issue when it comes to using and abusing cheap labor.  But its the GOP who would love for it to just remain the way it is and instead put that nice fear into your heart.  At least the Left wanted to get them to actually start to pay taxes and contribute but the GOP as always like things to remain the way they are.  

In the end, you live in this world where you are played like a puppet.  You believe the garbage feed to you and the fear instilled into your bones based on political BS but in the actual real world, that unskilled labor force is what continue to make things easier for you to live your life.  

Last edited by Machiavellian - on 28 June 2021