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JWeinCom said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Sony has the PSVR, it's along with the Switch the most innovative thing in console gaming last decade, but Switch is just hardware while PSVR is both hardware and new software experiences.

However I think PSVR still far too expensive to be a mass market product, plus their games needs to be designed exclusively for it, making very hard to create AAA games for such niche market, that's why I can't see VR gaming gaining much traction. Innovation per se isn't exactly something to be celebrated if don't make it accessible, at least in entertainment industry

I'm not sure how PSVR is the most innovative thing in gaming considering how long VR tech has been around, and that Sony was not the first one to market a home version (Oculus and Samsung Gear VR preceded it). 

Never heard of any of them. Which console used either?