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zero129 said:

Im amazed how many apple fans are in this thread, im also amazed how many of them apple fans are also Sony fans judging by their post history here.
Clearly you guys are never going to like what Windows is doing.
However just to be calling the thing pretty much shit without even getting to try it over a few small problems is madness when apple does the very same thing and add bloat to their OS and you need an Apple account to even use an Iphone id imagine you would need one for a Mac too. Thats whats funny is most of the things people are complain about they have been happy using on their Macs/Iphones for ages now...
Lets wait for the thing to release and see how it performs. If its faster and better performing then Windows 10 well then i dont care about them allowing me to link my phone if i wish or having a skype like thing build into the OS. I'm also on the Pro version so i dont need an MS account but i have one anyways for windows 10.

I don't think anyone here praised Apple here but me lol, and I don't even use Apple products except for an iPad. Maybe engage rather just generalise and assume? 

Yes, I need an account to use anything and everything these days, including my iPad. However, Apple's business model makes me at a lot more at ease with how they handle data and user profiling. I am not going to even pretend their doing it out of the goodness of their heart. It's a BUSINESS model after all, one that I am more comfortable with as a user. 

I also explained, rationally, why MS business model isn't even similar to that of Google, and how Android is FREE. If you think I am irrational, that's fine, but no need to link to console wars lol.