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IcaroRibeiro said:

I followed the news loosely. I know she had no control over her fortune, and also only don't have her own children custody, I find it pretty cruel because she looks a nice mother and her breakdown was more than 10 years ago. If I'm not mistaken her ex husband have 70% of the custody, while she gets 30%

Also curious, mate have you listened the 42 minutes length depoiment? Damn it

I was reading the Guardian and there was like 3 articles on Britney, naturally, I was intrigued and listened to the entire testimony because I don't trust the Guardian. 

To be fair, the testimony is 22 minutes, not 42, I just couldn't find a good quality version that didn't include fillers at the beginning and the end.

Jumpin said:

So, Britney Spears rumours and drama now passes for politics among Americans? :D

This isn't tabloid, it's not about her music or music videos, is she relevant anymore as a pop star? No idea. However, I file this under women abuse in the entertainment industry which fits firmly under politics these days.