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A little background story: 

  • In 2008, Britney Spears' dad Jamie told the court she had 'early-onset dementia' in her conservatorship documents following the breakdown Britney had that year when she was 25 years old. Since then, her father, Jamie, has had total stewardship over the Britney's $60 million fortune, as well as having had the power to make medical decisions and business deals on her behalf.
  • One of the medical decisions that was made on her behalf is having a a contraceptive device implanted in Britney's uterus to prevent her from having more babies, the contraceptive device is still inside her and she can't have taken out without her father's permission. 
  • Jamie, the father, was forced to split control with an attorney and a trust group in 2019.
  • Britney had been on three world tours, released four albums and 16 music videos during her conservatorship.
  • In her recent testimony, she explains how even business managers have control over her down to the finest details, for example, she once didn't like a particular part of her choreography so her they called up her psychiatrist telling him "she's not co-operating", which resulted in a further psychiatric assessments and lithium was prescribed despite her refusing it (it sounds like lithium was prescribed because she was saying no at work? wtf).

The free Britney hashtag has been a thing for a long while but I honestly never paid too much attention to it. However, after the testimony the story got a lot of spotlight. I never knew Britney was diagnosed with early-onset dementia, it's been almost 20 years and you'd think her condition would have progressed enough to show by now but she sounds perfectly sane in her testimony.

Even if that was true, you'd think forcing her to tour and forcing to do Las Vegas shows when she didn't want it would be bad for her health? Not allowing to have an input about which dance moves she's happy and not happy to do would also make her condition worse? How insane is she really if she capable enough to make millions of dollars a year...

I don't like one-sided stories, it's why I never sympathised with Kesha and not surprised at all to see her lose to Dr Luke case after case after case, the whole Kesha story seemed like a big fat lie from the very beginning, but something smells way too fishy with Britney's story. It would be interesting for a neutral third party to examine the medical documents in which her diagnosis of early-onset dementia was made. 

The link to the testimony: