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trunkswd said:
drkohler said:

Here's my curious problem:
Roughly 250k PS5s are produced per week (as per last fj report, and Sony keeps promising upping production).
Week after week for over two months, you show less than 200k units sold (with one or two exceptions).
So who is wrong?

Do we have a link to this report? We get numbers out of the US, UK, Spain, and Japan fairly regularly, which gives us an idea on the sales for the rest of the world. It would need to be selling better in mainland Europe and rest of the world than what we are seeing. When Sony releases its shipment figures we will make any necessary adjustments. Sony is hoping to ship more PS5 consoles than PS4 did in its first full fiscal year, which we have our PS5 numbers above PS4 after the same number of weeks. 

Just google for the report, it shows a 4.5M to 7.8M jump for the quarter. What you write makes sense but there is the obvious gap. It all depends on how consoles have been shipping in the past three months. There could be a full 5 week's supply on ships (by mid-June, around 10.5-10.6M units were produced if manufacturing hasn't increased yet). However, with stocks out worldwide, my guess is some flying-in has occationally been taking place to sooth people in the waiting queue.

We wait for the next fj report to see if that 4.5M to 7.8M was somehow fishy or not. Probably your early numbers were just too high and you have been making "a soft landing" in the past several weeks. Time will tell.