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PAOerfulone said:
Kakadu18 said:

I've seen these as of June 2020 numbers on Wikipedia but the editors decided that the source wasn't reliable, but I still think those numbers are most likely right.
We'll get updated number in a few months, din't know when exactly with the CESA games white paper.

Considering Nintendo apparently ships over 100k copies of Metroid Dread to France alone day one I'm pretty confident it'll reach 1mil shipped at the end of December and then maybe 1.2-1.5mil at the end of March. Depends on wom.

If they ship 100k in France alone on Day 1, then how many would they ship in Germany? Spain? The UK? The US? Japan? If the other Western regions are relatively similar to France in that scenario, they could reach 1 million shipped in that opening weekend, let alone the end of December.

France is Nintendo's biggest market in Europe. I can imagine them shipping 300k+ to the US day one. Japan though has never been a big market for Metroid outside of the original selling 1mil and Super Metroid selling 500k. All other 2D Metroids sold below 200k. So 100k day one is not likely because it could pose the risk of overshipping.