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Now, I don't know how reliable this numbers seeing as how I can't find a source ANYWHERE so I'm not sure where this user on ResetEra got it. But, I figured it's worth looking into and it's just fun to think about and see where these games could be at now if these sales and trends turn out to be legit.

Assuming this numbers do turn out to be accurate and say, for example, all the quarterly averages turned out to be true. With another quarter set to close in 8 days. This is where each of these games would be at by the end of June 2021, one full year (4 quarters) after the 'Era figures. 

1-2 Switch: 3.31 million -> 3.57 million

Mario Tennis Aces: 3.29 million -> 3.77 million

Kirby Star Allies: 3.15 million -> 3.59 million

Fire Emblem Three Houses: 3.02 million -> 3.62 million

DKC Tropical Freeze: 2.93 million -> 3.49 million

ARMS: 2.47 million -> 2.65 million

Yoshi's Crafted World: 2.09 million -> 2.59 million

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker: 1.58 million -> 1.86 million

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX: 1.43 million -> 2.11 million

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit: 1.37 million -> 1.49 million

Astral Chain: 1.14 million -> 1.38 million

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: 1.13 million -> 1.33 million