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Now this is my kind of thread.

  1. Symphonia - Favorite game of all-time! While the gameplay has improved slightly in later titles (free run most notably), I still consider the gameplay in this one excellent and the story and my favorite cast of characters are what secures it the top spot
  2. Vesperia - A match for Symphonia in most ways with slightly improved gameplay and another great cast of characters, but I do prefer the story in Symphonia
  3. The Abyss - Another excellent title with much in common with the two above. The story is a tad messy, but still very great
  4. Xillia 2 - Even if the choice system was wasted a bit, I was still more invested in this game than the original due to better storytelling. I wasn't really bothered by the fact that it reused most areas
  5. Xillia - The link system is cool but I also have my issues with it and the story is good but not quite great. Despite this I still greatly enjoyed it
  6. Graces - Best game in the series in terms of combat. The rest isn't quite up to snuff though and I wasn't a fan of Lineage and Legacies
  7. Beseria - I see some think it improved the combat, but to me it certainly didn't (not that it ruined it either, but it was a step down for me). I'd still consider it a solid game though
  8. The ones I haven't played
  9. Dawn of the New World - Felt like they started out with an idea for an original title, then brute-forced it into a Symphonia sequel. Could have been alright as a stand alone game, if probably still the weakest in the series

I really need to play Phantasia and Destiny.

Bonus: Well I hope the gameplay remains as solid as ever despite a new direction. And my god it would be great if it was a complete return to form story-wise, for me they haven't quite knocked it out of the park since Vesperia, even if Xillia 2 got quite close.

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