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coolbeans said:
Darwinianevolution said:

"So far we know of Death Stranding Director's Cut."

Wait, what? How is Kojima going to out-Kojima the original Death Stranding version?

Apparently by having more creative control over something he'd already had complete creative control over.

Now you should know that the Kojima of today isn't the Kojima of the past that had creative control over Death Stranding, hell even the Kojima of 5 minutes ago isn't the same man.

PS . reflecting on this it appears that we may have had many Kojima's with creative control over Death Stranding during it's development, that being the case while not leading to any direct understanding of what goes through Kojima's mind, it gives us a better insight into the reason why Death stranding is broadly considered unique.

Last edited by mjk45 - on 19 June 2021