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I think any other year this would have been a very high 7/8 out of 10 butttttt.... the rest of E3 was so shockingly bad this thing looked like a 100/10 show, it's like you have to go out on stage and perform after the last guy just pissed his pants and started to openly weep. They stole a show that was theirs for the taking.
Dread looks amazing.
BoTW 2 I didn't watch because I want to experience every bit of that game for myself the first time
Advance Wars ReBoot Camp looked beautiful
Kazuya, yes please
Monster hunter looked cool and I'm happy for the fans of it, I'm not one of them but I'm glad to see they're getting even more love on the Switch.
Guardians.... that looked meh but what you gonna do, at least they didn't show it for 3 days like at the SE conference.
That Zelda Game and Watch, hmmmmm torn on buying it, it looks lovely but would it just gather dust til I eventually knock it off the shelf and break it? Maybe.

But yeah,the show was a shining light in the otherwise dark hole that was E3 2021

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