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Mystro-Sama said:

You do realise there is technology on the show floor for journalists to try out and report on? E3 will never die.

Journalists and the media are at probably an all-time low in regards to the public trusting them due to mis-reportings, agendas, politics, staged things (like CNN faking a rescue of people from flood waters by hiring actors), etc. Journalism itself is dying as everything is becoming increasingly caught on camera and hot mics. You don't need to hire people to dig up dirt on something when that something is publically on display more and more as the years go by. Regarding gaming specifically, if a company can stream directly to you to deliver information on the products/services they have, then what use is the media? To make predictions? To tell you how you should feel about something? Those were useful when companies didn't directly communicate to consumers regularly or in convenient ways. But now all Phil Spencer has to do is get the programmers at MS to deliver push notifications to the billions of users on PC to let them know about a presentation they have in store. We'd all be better off without journalists since so very often they have an agenda in the modern era.