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Vertical Limit - fun little guilty pleasure action film
Sucker Punch - reapply previous description, plus cool effects
Die Another Day - Sure, it's cheesy, but a fun Bond film with some great action scenes
The World is Not Enough - Guess I'm partly biased for the Brosnan Bond films growing up with them, but again, I don't see why this one was panned in particular. Outside of a poor performance from Denise Richards, I struggle to really find faults. Overshadowed by Goldeneye for sure, but still a great narrative and a bit of a darker tinge of Bond which I dig.
Equilibrium - Sort of Matrix meets Brave New World. Fine line between rip off and homage and it definitely rides that line, but still a great film with an imaginative premise.
Immortals - Bit of a 300 rip off, though still pretty epic
It's come to my attention that "History of the World Part 1" is under 50% so definitely that one too - into ancient/some Medieval history and like much of Mel Brooks wacky, raunchy style of humor so no-brainer for me. Gets a little goofy at times but also some clever, hilarious jokes.
The Eagle - Fun adventure film set in Ancient Rome. Even if there's a lot of "down" time, there are some memorable moments.
Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith - Has loads of flaws (hell just watch the Plinkett review on youtube haha) but it's a pretty epic conclusion and interesting the transformation from Anakin to Darth Vader, has a darker tinge too which I like.

I also have a bias for many of the late-90s/early 2000s comedies that seem to get panned quite a bit - Rush Hour 1 & 2, Me Myself and Irene, Waterboy, Bid Daddy, Road Trip, Liar Liar, Freddy Got Fingered (as long as you look at it as a spoof of the genre itself which I basically do haha), Harold and Kumar, Dodgeball, Old School, Super Troopers, Shallow Hal, Tallegeda Nights, etc.. Granted I don't LOVE most of these but I really feel most of them get knocked far more than they deserve, particularly by critics.

Probably well under half of the examples of films I've seen but these are what comes to mind off the top of my head.


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