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WarioWare's back! Today at E3, a new game titled "Get it Together!" was revealed. This game does something a bit interesting with the formula. Rather than control each microgame directly, the game has you instead controlling the WarioWare staff, each with their own abilities and movement, as the microgames this time act more like little sets for the characters to interact with.

It's an interesting take on the formula, and one that once you think about it, is actually a rather clever use of one of the Switch's biggest hardware features. WarioWare is known for utilizing the capabilities of its respective platforms, and the developers could've taken the easy route with the Switch game and make it a motion controlled Joy-Con fest. But at that point, the game just would've been a rehash of Smooth Moves, and with the Nintendo Switch Lite, the team may have wanted to go with a more handheld friendly concept. But its WarioWare, so it can't not take advantage of the hardware its on either. Thus, using the WarioWare cast as playable characters in the microgames was also done to facilitate a new addition, 2-player simultaneous co-op. Remember, one of the Switch's biggest gimmicks is the fact that you can detach its Joy-Con and hand one to a friend for instant multiplayer on the go, so this change in gameplay actually makes brilliant sense for the Switch's multiplayer nature. While WarioWare's had multiplayer before, it was always turn based, so simultaneous co-op actually adds a new layer to the microgames as well. 

It's another example of the series taking a particular feature of Nintendo's consoles, and using in a way you never expected.