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Bofferbrauer2 said:
src said:

Please tell me where you have found GTAV, COD etc LTD sales numbers in South Korea, Taiwan and China? Software sales reported by system have been good on PS4 despite being an old system and in a region where console gaming is growing massively.

Not everyone wants to play on PC, and this is shown as console gaming is becoming ever more popular in those regions.

PS3 went down to $199, while PS4 stayed at $299. PS4 did not get a price cut because Sony decided so. Its been able to sell 120M. Could it have sold more at $199? Obviously but Sony prefers higher profits than PS4 selling to 130M.

You seem to be struggling with the concept that Playstation is still growing. PS5 will have higher peaks and more software/hardware sales than PS4's peak. Nintendo may be the market leader like in Japan, but Playstation still has a significant marketshare that is unrivalled as Xbox is non existent in Asia.

TheBraveGallade said:

uh why would the peole want to play this on console?

most serious gamers in these reigions are likely to own a half decent gaming rig anyway. and switch is an EXCELLENT compliemtary second device to any primary one.

Ask that to the 120M PS4 players. People play on consoles for numerous reasons: its simple, convenient, easy to set up and maintain, exclusives, its cheaper etc etc

Playstation continues to show big growth in these countries so clearly not.

The discussion was about those in Korea, Taiwan or China, not Worldwide. And there, PC gaming is much more prevalent than console gaming, and as a result, they don't need to buy an extra console for those games.

Also, cheaper is not fully true either. A console is cheaper than a PC with similar specs (especially now when GPUs are almost unobtainable except from scalpers), but the games are generally cheaper on PC.

As for the big growth, we'll have to see. PS5 is outpacing the PS4 so far, but the console is only out for half a year and thus we don't have any long-term trends yet. But I agree the situation is favorable for the PS5 to grow potentially in Korea, China and Taiwan, and in RoW in general right now.

This is evidently wrong as Playstation continues to grow showing that yes, people will buy an extra console. Its like you're struggling with the reality that Playstation sells well and continues to grow in Asia.

Agente42 said:
src said:

Nope still is. Amusing how you conveniently left the rest of the sentence: in AAA games.

If SK, China and Taiwan want to play COD, GTA, FF, RE, MHW etc etc on console there is only Playstation. PS5 is outpacing PS4 in these places while still being supply constrained.

Sony predicts Y3 for PS5 to be 23 million+ more than PS4 ever could do, further showing notable growth.

Japan's decline is factually miniscule no matter how you spin it. A 5% decline despite being higher in price. WiiU sold 3.3 million LTD. PS4 sold more than 3 times that, what a disingenuous comparison.

Japanese dev support is by standard, like previous gens, industry best on Playstation. The only platform that comes close to amount of Japanese games PS gets is PC.

Agente42 said:

Nonsense. Why? South Korea, China, and Taiwan show this.

Only if you read the data wrong. PS4 is a 7 year old system on the way out. EVen then it showed massive growth from PS3.

PS5 is doing better than PS4, so no, the data shows Playstation continuing to grow in SK, China and Taiwan.

wrong? The Numbers show Nintendo Switch dominance in the Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. We discuss east asia sales not global, try to deviate the argument not make your point valid. In Japan and East Asia( Media creat covered market) have Nintendo dominance, not sony. The rest is make belief. 

A 60:40 software ratio on a 7 year old PS4 vs SW peak is hardly dominating. Even in Japan, a leaving PS4 has 25% of software sales. Nintendo''s dominance in Japan doesn't mean Sony does not have significant marketshare.