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$250 definitely seems too steep, but otherwise it seems like a fun little gaming device. I wish them all the best, because I think it deserves some success as this is clearly no quick cash-grab banking only on nostalgia. Instead, it is the perfect console for casual competitive players.

The entire concept of it looks to me like what the Wii U was supposed to be with the motion controls, the asymmetric gameplay, and the ability to connect more than one Gamepad to the console which didn't quite make it into the Wii U.

trunkswd said:

As a core gamer this definitely isn't for me. The biggest hurdle is its $250 price as its target demographic aren't gamers. It feels like a $99 machine with the games it showcased. But I could see it finding its own niche. 

The controllers alone tell me that $99 are not gonna cut it. I think with 2 of those as bundled with the console, you're already at least at that pricetag - and you don't even have a console yet.

That being said, Something like $179 seems much more appropriate than $250 tbh.

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 15 June 2021