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Mystro-Sama, while i will not argue which version is better i will recommend you to check other entries like they do in the comments: 

Leynos said:

Ugh on FF7R. Play FF7 OG to see how much better it is. Also, play Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy VI. FFXV is incomplete. Large chunks of the story are missing. It gets worse the more you play. Chapter 13 is insanely awful. They never finished the story as the final DLC was canned. The game starts off in a big world then becomes a tunnel after that.

dane007 said:

Get FF12, FF10, FF8 and FF9 and if u want something super laid back and easy then FF13

or also play the original FFVII, why? mostly because while the new Remake is a good game, it really is a new thing that's mostly its own thing and really isn't representative of how the Final Fantasy games were, even againts the original VII they are basically two completely different games. From the older ones Final Fantasy VI is the one that is constantly considered with the best story and villian in the series.