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FF7r Intergrade is on my list to play. With that said, if you're asking about FF15; I just finished 3 chapters (or 4?) and I must say; this is one hot piece of garbage. Is there anything great about this game?

The combat could've been good if you didn't have to fight the camera the whole time; worse yet; I find myself in closed spaces a lot of the time which makes the camera problems x100 worse. These camera problems make a lot less sense when you find out that the flashy action of the combat is automated for the most part; you'd think that would help them make the camera work better as most of the action is pre-calculated but NOPE!? WTF.

The story is disjointed; you know just enough to know what's going on but it's hard to be involved in any of it. Not even the main cast feels invested in its own story. The driving segments are slow as hell. Graphics aren't that great either; what PS4 game doesn't look good enough anyway? the amount of pop ins I am seeing on the screen is laughable. Mind you I am playing the Royal edition on the PS5 no less. The characters designs are all over the place, no cohesion whatsoever. It's like someone was making a salad but never decided if they wanted a salad of veggies or just a fruit salad so they just kept on chopping both. Awful experience, I don't think I am gonna continue playing it.

Last edited by LurkerJ - on 14 June 2021