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mZuzek said:

I don't really agree with anything else you've said about the game, personally I think it's a huge improvement over Blind Forest in every way. Was particularly saddened by your comment about uninspired bosses as WotW's final boss is probably my favorite boss fight in all of gaming. Also Mora was great. But this is one of my favorite ever games we're talking about, so, yeah.

Glad you loved it, curl. It really is incredible.

Cheers man, thanks for encouraging me to play it.

I thought Mora was great too, especially that classic touch of

her turning out to not be evil after all despite spiders usually being stereotyped as villainous. I really liked leaving her alive and in peace after the fight. And yeah, the way the final boss fight takes flat out takes away all the ground at the end and makes you effectively play a platformer with no actual platforms, pinging off projectiles and using your airborne moves to stay alive and fight was just epic, it felt impossible at first but when I finally pulled it off, wow, what a rush.

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