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IcaroRibeiro said:
curl-6 said:

Well, for me personally the main things that made it better than Blind Forest were the improved combat, pacing, world-building, variety, visuals, and save system.

The combat is still too secondary and boring for me. All of enemies are generic, predictable and can be deal with just the most basic meele skill you get early game and you can ignore pretty much everything else unless you need them to platforming

Indeed I remember using more combat skills in Blind Forest, which is crazy because the focus of that game was mostly only on platforming 

I don't remember any issues with pacing in Blind Forest either

I agree with visuals, but it was costly. The game is leggy on handheld mode, mostly unplayable in some sections and the game crashed about 6 times in an 18 hours playthrough, too much for my taste 

Well, I for one found the various weapons useful and much more satisfying to use than Sein's zaps from the first game, and I found nothing wrong with the enemies. 

And it's not that Blind Forest had bad pacing, more just that Will of the Wisps moved more briskly and fluidly from one new ability or area to the next.

I did notice some occasional frame stutters, but nothing even close to unplayable, in fact I don't think it was ever actually impacted the gameplay for me.

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