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No way. There isn't any lack of stock. They are moving more consoles than ever before. There is mismatch of supply and demand, but that just prevented them from doing even better, and was in large part due to COVID trend to online sales being more easily gamed by scammers, which doesn't even disturb real supply/demand in long term it just diverts it into scalping profits. Expecting Sony/MS to stockpile EVEN MORE consoles to have on hand before launch is absurd, they already had more than any other launch, that just wasn't a problem and they both have contracts putting them in good position VS every other customer of AMD amidst semiconductor draught. Otherwise COVID has been good for gaming and not a reason to delay anything. If anything a delay would mean launch happening after COVID lockdowns are over and people wanting to do stuff outside and socialize instead of gaming at home, which wouldn't be helpful for console launch. Sony's launch exclusives have been fine, and expecting more nextgen exclusives is again going against precedent where everybody knows to expect cross-gen for first several years, and even if there was a full year or more delay in launch that wouldn't change anything in that regard. Overall I feel the OP's post suffers flaw of just cherry picking whatever seems to gratify it's assumptions rather than actually trying to find tough counterpoints that argue otherwise. Doing so only increases the quality of engagement and increases your credibility, so EDIT: I think they would also find it more rewarding.

Last edited by mutantsushi - on 14 June 2021