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Having heard for years how amazing the series is but never played one I figured I should at least give it a try. So I just completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake and I have to say i'm impressed. This game definitely lived up to the hype. It excels in pretty much every area whether it be visuals, story or gameplay.

I thought the story would be kinda goofy but its actually sober and deeper than I though. The two sides of Midgard really reflects how we treat those less fortunate in society and the effects corporations can have on us when they become too big. And speaking of Midgard, the detail in the city is absolutely insane. Just looking up at the plates from the sectors below is so captivating. The characters are dope too, especially supporting characters like the Turks which were so cool. Every character in the main cast also gets their time to shine and develop personally.

I know a lot of Final Fantasy purists hate the change of the battle system but I personally liked it. I think the ATB system is a good mix of both quick real time combat with a more slow pace tactical mode when you select abilities and spells. The materia and their combinations were so damn fun to mess around with like when I added the magnify materia to my spells and used it on an boss that cloned itself and just watch as the frame rate dipped briefly as firaga chained and hit like 10 different enemies.

This game was definitely one of the best games of this generation. Which FF should I play next? I'm thinking FF XV since its on the PS4 and pretty cheap right now.