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JWeinCom said:
curl-6 said:

Now that we've seen gameplay, I like that they seem to have redesigned the combat into a hybrid of turn based and realtime instead of just copy-pasting the combat of Kingdom Battle.

I hope they make it easier than the first game though, my main gripe with Kingdom Battle was that as polished and well made as it was, I couldn't really enjoy it after a while as it was so punishing it became stressful and frustrating to play. Oh, and having to hit a button for easy mode (which was still too hard) manually before every battle was dumb as hell instead of letting us just set a difficulty to stay like, I dunno, almost every game ever.

Still, I don't mean to be too negative, it is really nice to see a third party investing in a Switch exclusive and clearly putting a lot of effort into it.

What in the trailer makes you think it's real time?

Well I read it on the fact sheet and now that I have I can see how you run around within a set area instead of along a pre-marked path.

" Use your Heroes’ skills in an innovative combat system, mixing turn-based tactics and real time action."

"Take control of your Heroes to dash your enemies, team jump on your allies, hide behind cover…and make the best out of your turn."

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