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Metallox said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

The first game was so bland and boring. It had a few good humorous moments but it felt so 'artificial'. If you didn't have the context of the creator literally crying at E3 it would seem like the most inhuman product imaginable. Bland writing, ESPECIALLY bland music and a fairly repetitive set up. Good gameplay though. I think it says a lot that most of the discussion online is still about how "surprising it was that it was decent" and not whether or not it's actually a great game.

It had a very good foundation but the most bland structure was ressurected on top of it. This game would have to be at least 1.4x better to be worth a damn.

The game got an 85 in Metacritic, not only that but the talk in the aftermath was that it was surprising the game turned out to be that great, though of course many were careful to use more reserved words like decent and discreet. In the end, there is a wide range of opinions.

But thinking about it now, I lean more towards your thoughts regarding the game, it's one I wouldn't really want to play again, and there wasn't anything striking I would write home about. However, I wouldn't be so harsh in calling it bland and boring. Bland, I don't think it isn't, it's got some nice art and the humorous undertone is fair enough. Boring, well, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with it, not enough to beat the endgame content and download the DLC, but I felt well served. 

Yea the way I worded that part of my comment was not particularly good. What I meant wasn't that I don't see anyone talk about how good/great the game is. Moreso that the merit of how good or great it is is almost always prefaced with how surprising it was that it wasn't bad. And in a way maybe that's why the game left me cold, I wasn't surprised that it had its merits. I wasn't really super skeptical of the project to be honest, which probably left me with no feeling of surprise or reassurance once I actually played the game.