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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
JWeinCom said:

Music is done by Grant Kirkhope. I can't argue your personal tastes, but he's quite well respected in the industry, and I enjoyed the music.

As for the story, I'm really not sure what you could have expected in a crossover between a group of characters that only scream, and a group that is mostly mute. 

I also don't know what you expected in terms of structure... You do a series of missions. Like basically every SRPG? Then you have a worldmap, which isn't the most exciting thing in the world but serves its function of getting you between battles and having some puzzles.

I'm very confused that the gameplay was good but the game is boring. I'm not entirely sure how that's possible since the gamepay is... literally the whole game. It's not like there are long cutscenes you have to watch or anything.What is an example of a SRPG game with good structure? 

I feel like you're doing a bad job of trying to move my position to one I never claimed nor wish to defend. I'm not really interested in how good the story of the original M+R game is or could have been. That was never my issue. You purposefully set up a leading narrative in a reply ("Did you expect a crossover between Rabbids, who communicate only in screams, and Mario characters to have a rich and nuanced story? If so, I think the problems lied with your expectations.") that I never came close to even saying in the original comment, then I responded to it by basically saying "that's not really why I find the game bland ... but I mean, yea, I guess the story could have been more interesting". Then you respond with "I don't know what you were expecting!!!!". When I already said in the reply that none of the blandness of the game was based on the story, let alone my expectations for it. 

It's fine if you like the game, but please don't try to move my positions to ones I never claimed. I simply entertained that, sure, the story could be more interesting I guess. But that wasn't exactly an issue I had with it or why the game was so bland and just mediocre to me. If you'd like I can explain in-depth why it's parts are much greater individually than the whole, but I imagine that wouldn't be very interesting. 

The point is: game boring. Me hope they make game a lot better in sequel. 

"The first game was so bland and boring. It had a few good humorous moments but it felt so 'artificial'. If you didn't have the context of the creator literally crying at E3 it would seem like the most inhuman product imaginable. Bland writing, ESPECIALLY bland music and a fairly repetitive set up."

Yes, you did mention the writing. The first and third bolded sections I took to be references to the story, which I feel was pretty reasonable. Either way, referencing the "bland writing" clearly speaks to the story. So... yeah, according to your post, that was part of why you thought the game was bland. If that's not what you meant, then that is a flaw in your writing.

Your second post specifically complained about the story, saying it should have been more interesting. This is a position that you clearly took, so I took one sentence to address it. Of the nine sentence post, one talked about the story, two about the music, and six were about the game's structure. You ignored everything I said except for the one sentence about the story then criticized me for trying to make the conversation about the story O_o...................... So yeah, If I was trying to force you into taking some position about the story, then I would have indeed been doing a terrible job of it. Which maybe should indicate that's not what I was trying to do. 

No longer care about what you think of the game but please do not accuse me of any kind of dishonesty ^_^