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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
JWeinCom said:

No, it wasn't just decent, it was a damn good SRPG game. Did you expect a crossover between Rabbids, who communicate only in screams, and Mario characters to have a rich and nuanced story? If so, I think the problems lied with your expectations.  

No, I expected the game to be interesting. Instead what we got was a bland ass soundtrack, a pitiful roster in the base game, and a structure that sets in repetiton fast. If anything, the game actually tries to be more story centric than I would have ever expected, and if you're going to do that you could at least try to make your story interesting (note: interesting does not mean pretentious, complicated, or even conventionally well written). 

Again the gameplay is good - it's actually much better than any of the post Fates FE games in that regard - but the game is simply dull as shit. It does a few quirky things in the beginning that work and hours later those same things are the tricks it's still hiding up its sleeve. 

Music is done by Grant Kirkhope. I can't argue your personal tastes, but he's quite well respected in the industry, and I enjoyed the music.

As for the story, I'm really not sure what you could have expected in a crossover between a group of characters that only scream, and a group that is mostly mute. 

I also don't know what you expected in terms of structure... You do a series of missions. Like basically every SRPG? Then you have a worldmap, which isn't the most exciting thing in the world but serves its function of getting you between battles and having some puzzles.

I'm very confused that the gameplay was good but the game is boring. I'm not entirely sure how that's possible since the gamepay is... literally the whole game. It's not like there are long cutscenes you have to watch or anything.What is an example of a SRPG game with good structure?