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I do feel like BOTW 2 will release in March 2022, alongside the Switch Pro. Would like for BOTW 2 to release this year, but I have my doubts. Kind of reminds me of how we were left in the dark about ACNH after the initial announcement and then we got a trailer at E3 2019 with the release date moved to March 2020. Of course the difference here is that we already saw BOTW 2 and have waited much longer for news.

If it is March, it would be cool if it is March 25, which is the 12th week of the year. ACNH & MH:R were released in the 12th week of the year, so it would be cool to see for comparison sake, especially if the Switch Pro is real and released on that day as well. Also, if Switch Pro is real and releases in 2022, that mean I highly doubt we would see it this month or this year at all.

As for other games, I do hope the 2D Metroid & DK rumors are real and I hope both games launch this holiday. I doubt we will see anything for MP4, but to hear it mentioned at E3 if we get a 2D Metroid would be nice (would then fully expect to see MP4 at next year's E3). I think we could see Monolith's soft next game and maybe even Bayo 3 (these seem like "one last thing" announcements) at this year's E3, though I don't expect either game to release this year.

Hoping for the next ACNH update to be a big one and I hope to see it announced at E3. Obviously expecting at least 1 Smash character. I do hope both are announced here and if there are more characters, I hope they tell us that here as well. Not expecting anything outside of an echo pass though (maybe they could tease the echo pass here and fully showcase those characters right after the last FP character is released).

If BOTW 2 doesn't release this year, I could see a WW/TP HD Collection releasing this holiday and being announced at E3.

We're due for a new Kirby game soon and though I have doubts it would release this holiday, especially if all the other stuff I mentioned happens, I could see it being announced this year. Maybe in addition to another spin-off that release this year.

Also, if BOTW 2 releases next March, that's technically still less than 5 years after BOTW (the sequel started as DLC, so I think it's safe to start the clock at Holiday 2017). Less than 5 years to make a sequel with a worldwide pandemic!