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UnderwaterFunktown said:
vonny said:

The Switch wont even match the 3DS sales in Japan(most likely) and it will never reach DS or gameboy numbers, handheld market in Japan shrinking isn't a myth it's a fact.  

We'll see about that. I certainly expect the Switch to outsell 3DS and then some. It's around 2 mil behind in Japan launch aligned, but while the 3DS had already peaked at that point, Switch sales are still on rise.

Ofc the handheld market will never again reach anything as ridicolous as the seventh gen with 33 mil DS's + 20 mil PSPs but that was a wholly unique case. The 3DS + Vita did almost as much as the Gameboy and that was stretched over 2 gens.

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Totally agree, I think it's got a good chance to beat DS also, keeping in mind the variance in price between both machines